About TidePack®

About TidePack®

Packaging for salted and dried food

TidePack® - a new patented packaging solution for food products

TidePack® is a new consumer friendly packaging solution for salted and/or dried food products that need to be desalted and soaked before cooking (eg. clipfish/bacalao/bacalhau, saltfish and salted and dried meat).

With this desalting bag we eliminate the difficulties and challenges about desalting and steeping of these food products. You will not need to do anything else that just add water to the packaging to get the perfect result!

TidePack's advantages

  • No need to change water
  • No need for knowledge about desalting or soaking
  • No equipment for desalting needed
  • Less smell and spill
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Thin and thick pieces will have the same salt content (%)
  • Best possible hygiene
  • Best sensoric result (taste and texture)
  • Can stay longer than minimum time without changing the result
  • After desalting, it is also possible to empty the TidePack® for water and store it in the fridge or freezer

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TidePack principle showing salt content vs time

How it works


Illustration: Fill with water  -  wait  -  empty  -  ready to prepare or freeze!

  1. Remove the seal and unfold the packaging.
  2. Open a bit of the zip-lock and fill the bag with cold water (up to zip-lock).
  3. Close the zip-lock properly and put the bag in the refrigerator for a give minimum time (leaving it for longer will not change the result).
  4. Pour out the water. The product is now ready to prepare or it can be stored in the freezer using the same packaging.

TidePack® for 500 g dried salted cod